Agile For Humans
Agile For Humans

We're creating a place to uncover better ways of working together

Join Professional Scrum Trainers (PST), Todd Miller and Ryan Ripley, on the path to Scrum mastery.


Agile for Humans is a training and consulting firm founded by Professional Scrum Trainers Todd Miller and Ryan Ripley. Together Todd and Ryan wrote Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems

Over the past year, Ryan and Todd have built a YouTube community centered on helping people use Scrum to solve problems. Now, our community is powered here, by Mighty Networks.

The content is created by Todd and Ryan who have spent the past 20 years working in companies in the Fortune 200 all the way to the latest start-up


Our mission is to uncover better ways of working together. We can't do that alone. It takes a community to learn, grow, change, and improve. We want to help past, and future students learn how to use Scrum as a competitive advantage, not just another project management framework.

To accomplish this mission, we are bringing together new and experienced Scrum Masters to grow your skills and learn how to help your Scrum Team be more effective so that you can land your first Scrum Master role, advance to the next level of Scrum Mastery, and gain practical tools and techniques along the way.


The #1 comment that we get about our book is that we didn't hold anything back. A Scrum consultant sent us an angry email because we gave away too much "secret sauce." We've done the same with this community. 

  • Weekly QUESTIONS, CASE STUDIES, and CHALLENGES - with analysis and feedback from Todd, Ryan, and the Agile for Humans community.
  • Monthly STREAMING EVENTS with TODD and RYAN - these private events are only available to community subscribers.
  • DOWNLOADS, MURALS, and VIDEOS - that enable you to help your teams achieve their goals and deliver every Sprint.
  • GROUPS dedicated to your GOALS - Are you preparing for the PSM III? Looking for a group to discuss that latest Agile book? Want to practice a new technique or idea? Groups are forming inside!
  • Regular ACCESS to RYAN and TODD. We participate in groups, in discussions, and we create the content. You can co-create with us without the noise and clutter of Slack or social media.


YOU. Seriously, this is for you if...

  • You are a Scrum Master looking for the next step in the journey to Scrum Mastery.
  • You are looking for a professional community of like-minded people who want to work together on the journey to mastery.
  • You want to help others improve their Scrum and Agile practices.
  • You are interested in self-paced courses created to help you level up and improve your Scrum Master skills.
  • You are tired of the noise on SLACK, DISCORD, and LINKEDIN and are ready for TRUE ENGAGEMENT.